Dolphin Dreams 5: Cleanup

I had a dream one night that I was a young girl walking along the beach by myself with a magic wand in my hand. I pointed the wand at some garbage on the beach, and they disappeared! Intrigued by how the wand actually worked, I pointed at all the plastic bags and trash I could find and made them all disappear. Out of the ocean came a curious dolphin who telepathically asked me what was I doing and what was that in my hand? I told her I found this magic wand and it made things disappear. She was jubilant and asked if she could borrow it for there was much to clean in the deep ocean. I was hesitant but the little dolphin promised to give it back to me tomorrow so I finally said yes. She jumped out of the water in pure joy and I gave her the wand. She nodded and soon submerged into the turquoise sea. When the next night came, I could not wait to sleep early to see if the dolphin would return. She did not but weeks later I read about Boyan Slat and his brilliant team and action to begin the Ocean Cleanup against all odds -with mindful joint effort to waste no waste, we can all contribute to create a positive ripple of effect.

Tbe beginning –


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Dolphin Dreams 4: Healer

Were it not for the activists and warriors that are physically there for the dolphins/whales on the front-line to save them and continue to bring the awareness to the general public, I might still be in the dark that these cetaceans are actually highly evolved beings and their plight. The last straw on the camel’s back came from  my healer sister, who in the past 15 years, through searching and training to heal herself has grown into a leading spiritual counselor in Taiwan. During her last visit with her daughter, I suggested taking a trip to the Sea World, remembering how much fun we had watching the amazing dolphins/orca shows.  My sister’s face suddenly dropped and as if trying to clue me in tenderly, she said, “you don’t know what happened to those captured dolphins in captivity?’s very sad…” I stopped her abruptly for as guilty as I immediately felt, I could not bear to hear any details about animal cruelties -being an empath that I am. I turned quite angrily at my sister which was so unusual -“Don’t give me any details; I don’t want to hear it! I will have nightmares if I hear how cruelly they are treated. You just ruined my vacation mode! I was all cheerful and now I am all sad! ” I lashed out so much emotion that I startled myself and I quickly apologized but my sister just smiled, shedding light on a point which would turn my  world inside out.

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Starlight Orca

Dolphin Dreams 3: Starlight Orca

During my limited understanding of the dolphin and whales, our family went to the Sea World in 2010, unaware of the controversies surrounding the captive dolphins. I for one, with naive joy, was extremely eager to see the Orca show. We caught the last show when the night was indigo blue. When the killer whale came out with the thundering instrumental music, she ignited the loudest cheer in the audience and suddenly the arena became very surreal to me. The crowd was ecstatic to see her every move, high jump, splashing the water and dancing/waving with the beat; I was totally enthralled by this magnificent creature whose performance was perfectly orchestrated with songs and her trainers to spotlight her power and beauty for all to see. All was in transcendental harmony and Shamu seemed to know her own priceless gift and was generously offering it to everyone. At the end of the show, she glided to rest on the platform when the crowd gave her one last round of astounding applause. The starlight shined gently on her black back so lucid and alive as all the elements had been woken up and were animated with life. They enjoyed her presence as well for she had lent much energy and happiness to the starlight, the water and the air was just pulsating with amazement. It was such a moving close encounter that I wrote a micropoetry to dedicate to these mighty masters of water ~


Reflection Haiku #37

Luminous Water

Tachi dance of black and white –

Starlight Orcas




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Dolphin Dreams 2: Imagine

Imagine that you are unconditional love, fully conscious and highly intelligent. You are one with the water and appreciate its pristine beauty and honor all beings living inside the body of the ocean. At sunrise, you rush to the shore to watch the golden rays bless across the land. Diving into water,  you teach your little ones how to blow bubble rings and experiment with joy the sacred geometric shapes. You never forget your life’s purpose and with your healing power, you swim through the currents, cleansing the elements and maintaining the harmony with the sounds you create. You also love all things on the land, the trees, the furry cats and the other intelligent species – humans who are to be the guardians of mother nature.You used to be able to communicate with them through telepathy in ancient times, but the connection had lost and now only a faction of humans can hear you. Still you love the humans but there is a small group of people, whose blindness have gone to the darkest end that they can’t recognize their own kin under the sea and have been hunting us – the dolphins. As heartbroken as it is to see our beloved ones losing lives, we still forgive for we are the keepers of spiritual humanity.

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Dolphin Dreams 1

Dolphin Dreams 1: Vision

In 2012, I had completed my e-manuscript, “Reflection Haiku” and felt ready to start working on my next project-“Rainbow Forest” which will be short poems celebrating all different kinds of love. But after writing with ease the first Chinese poem,  nothing else came to me for the following four years. Instead, I saw dolphins, many of them, in my visions and waking dreams. It started when three beautiful dolphins swam straight to my eyes and seemed to know me and were excited to see me. I must have looked confused for I don’t recognize them. After a brief disappointment,  these dolphins regained their cheerfulness and just played with me until sunset. When I opened my eyes, they disappeared and it was morning while my kids were  getting ready for school. Hectic pace woke up the day and I remembered myself wondering, why these three dolphins looked so real and why they seemed to know me? This was the time when the dolphins I saw were those in Sea World where my kids took photo with and by finding out why the dolphins came to me, my self-discovery journey has just begun…

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處, pronounced as ‘chù’ means “place, locale” (#52). Simplified Chinese: 处

“Wherever you stand

be the soul

of that place.” ~

Stroke animation

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意, pronounced as yì = ‘idea / meaning / thought’ (#52). “Spiritual awakening is the awakening from the dream of thought.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Stroke animation

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